STIBA Satya Widya Surabaya is a School of Foreign Language and Literature which is the oldest among similar schools in Surabaya. It was established in 1968 under the name of Satya Widya Academy of Foreign Languages. Up to the present time STIBA Satya Widya has one English Department for Strata 1. It offers 148 credits — 90% of which are concerned with English. The courses cover Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Structure, Vocabulary, Business Correspondence, Translation, Cross Cultural Understanding, Linguistics, Literature, Discourse Analysis, and Sociolinguistics.
STIBA’s commitment for education is reflected on vision and mission statements: To be a higher education institution that produces graduates with foreign language as well as entrepreneurship competence. Through its vision and mission, STIBA has succeeded in graduating thousands of alumni which get good position in many leading offices, in the field of tourism and hotels, entertainment and art, mass media, language teaching, banking, public relations, marketing, import and export, and politics. The undergraduate program (Strata 1) can be completed in 8 semesters. STIBA offers several prime courses added to English Literature and Linguistics such as Marketing, Front Office, Public Relation, Ground Handling, Export-Import, and Journalism which are conducted in English.To enrich the quality of both the education as well as learning process, STIBA provides some Student Organization Activities which include sports, music, journalism and photography.